Reflection 1 : The Arab World

I am about to embark on the spring semester of 2016 at McDaniel College and one of the courses that I am taking is “The Arab World.”  I chose to enroll in this class because I need to fill my SIS requirement but also because I am ignorant to the Arab world and most of the Middle East. I thought of learning about a culture and whole different “world” excites me. I expect to learn a lot of things during this course. Firstly, I expect to learn a lot of the culture of The Arab World. I also expect to learn about the importance of religion and where the roots came from. The history of both religion and the culture will be a big learning point leading all the way to present times. After that, I expect to touch on the current events and motives behind decisions being made in the Middle East. The main objective that I want to get out of this class is to become knowledgeable about the Arab culture, the religion, and the history of them. I have never been outside the country so I have never been to the Middle East and don’t know what I would think about it. One day I hope to travel there and to get a chance to experience the culture. I was very young before 9/11 so I didn’t have any views about the Arab and Muslim world and if I did, I don’t remember any. Growing up I learned about the attacks that took place on 9/11 and I became hurt and threatened by the Muslim world. Though, being ignorant to them and their culture, I didn’t have the best taste to them because I guess I held against a grudge on the people who did it but not on the whole culture or society.


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