Weekly Report 4 – Israeli- Palestinian Conflict

The latest incident of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict took place earlier this week in Hebron.  The incident involved two Palestinian terrorists and an Israeli soldier.  This incident involved a rare aspect to it which was that the whole incident got caught on film by a Palestinian citizen and posted onto the web.  The two Palestinians attacked the soldier and wounded him by stabbing him.  Following this, other Israeli soldiers responded by shooting and wounding the two terrorists. Soldiers and medics came running over to help the injured soldier by gave no attention to the two wounded Palestinian terrorists.  The disturbing incident happens right after this when a medic walks over to one of the terrorists who had a head wound but not to help him but to just film him and then a shot was heard.  One of the soldiers shot the terrorist at point blank range in the head.  This is highly controversial and extremely alarming since it was all caught on film.  These two sides have an agreement to treat terrorists somewhat decent that they would treat the injured terrorists as best as the could and if the end of dying then that’s that.They are by no means suppose to execute a terrorist at point blank range who was already wounded and posed no threat of danger.  Since this was caught of film and spread so everyone could see it, it will surely raise tensions on the Israeli-Palestinian front.